Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rides - he loves them, he loves them not

We have discovered that Stuart loves rides and is quite brave. So we broke down and bought a season pass so he could ride all the rides he wants this summer. He was wanting to go on the swings - and he's sort of borderline, I don't think he's quite tall enough to ride them, but quick enough that the teenager running the ride doesn't notice. So we let him go on the swings and he loved them, great, our anxiety was relieved and we have another ride he can go on. Next time we went to the park he wanted to go on the swings and I figured of course, he loves the swings. Well he loved them for about two complete rotations, then came the tears and the cries, "I don't like it, they're going too high for me." And yes, I could hear the pathetic cries from the sidelines, only to be topped by all the pity comments from parents around me (not knowing it was my kid) - aw look at the poor kid, so sad, etc. So I became that mom - but not on purpose and with only the best intentions - the mom with the screaming kid on the ride.

Next time we went to the park (yes we go a lot) he wanted to try the swings again and told us, "I'm not going to cry." So we figured okay, let's try again, he was probably just over tired or something last time. Well before the swings even started he changed his mind and didn't want to go on, but this time he explained, "I didn't like them, they weren't moving." I suppose we can't expect a 2.5 year old to have much patience.

Who knows what will happen next time......

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