Monday, November 23, 2009

A superhero?

Yesterday when I walked into S's room to get him up this morning, he sat up, looked at me and said,

"When you came to get me up, I thought you were a Superman."

This morning I asked him if he thought I was a Superman and he said no, he thought I was a monster, a scary monster. He then explained that sometimes he thinks I'm a Superman and sometimes a scary monster.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Who?

S has a new cousin and we couldn't be happier to welcome her into the world! The question still remains, what is her name?

Before the baby was born we asked S what he thought the baby's name should be. Without skipping a beat he said, Baby Asha (one of his good buddies from school has a baby sister Asha). He would say things like, "Is Baby Asha here yet?" "Is Baby Asha still in Aunt J's belly."

Then the baby was born, and her name was not Asha. Now when we ask S what his new cousin's name is he says, "Baby Asha."
Us: "That's not her name, what's her name."
S: "Baby Asha, I named her Baby Asha."
Us: "But that's not what Uncle I and Aunt J named her."
S: "Why?"
Us: "What name did they give her?"
S: "I don't remember." [followed by lots of laughter since he does know her name]

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great songs

S has been making up some really "amazing" songs lately. His new ritual before bed is to sing me a song, it usually starts with, um, um, as he thinks it up. Here are two versions of what has followed:

"Goldy Gopher jumps into bed. Goldy Gopher jumps into bed. [repeated another 2x] Because that's what Goldy Gopher does."

"The people don't get on the bus, the train gets on the bus. [repeated 3x] Because that's the way they do it."