Monday, December 13, 2010

Introducing Hammy

I'm not sure about the exact chain of events, but it went something like this - G brought a ham home from work, S was thrilled, we took a family vote (I lost 2-1) and the baby (at least before it is born) is now called "Hammy". I'll admit, after a few days, it is starting to grow on me.

That's right, we're pregnant and due in June. S couldn't be more thrilled about being a big brother, he gets giddy when telling anyone about his "big secret" that "mommy has a baby in her belly." And he spends a lot of time talking about all he'll do with the baby when it's born, read, sing, the works. And he decided last night that he's going to learn how to hold the baby the "special way" so he can take care of it himself - later that night he decided that actually the whole family should take care of the baby.

Here are a few other things we've heard from S:

"It's going to come out head first right?"

"Can we call the baby Mickey Mouse? And then what if we called it Minnie by accident?" [followed by hysterical laughing]

S: Let's call the baby SAS.
Me: Won't that be confusing, if I call your name you won't know who I'm talking to. What if I say S, you need to sit in your listener chair (aka time out), who would I be talking to.
S: The baby.
Me: What if I say S, come get a special treat, who would I be talking to?
S: no words required - with a big grin, points to himself!

Me: You can call the baby whatever you want when it's in my belly. Then when the baby is born, you can give us ideas for names, but mommy and daddy will make the final decision.
S: How bout this. I can call the baby whatever I want when it's in your belly, and then when the baby is born, the whole family will decide what to call it.

S: Can I feel the baby?
Me: Sure.
S: [with hand on my belly] I think I just felt the baby's nose.

S: [after giving me a very sweet hug in the morning] I gave some of my hug to you and some of my hug to the baby.
[he now continues to give big hugs to me and Hammy]

S: I'm going to give you the biggest hug ever and the biggest high-5 ever after the baby is born if it doesn't hurt coming out.