Monday, June 8, 2009

A first

Yesterday was a big first for Stuart, he had his very first lollipop - up until this time his parents have chosen to deprive him of candy. But we were at a parade and encouraging him to pick up all the candy being thrown at us and then telling him he couldn't eat it. I think he was starting to catch on! Well he just loved it - talk about savoring every lick, he licked and licked and licked and of course got all sticky. We finally got home and ready for a nap, and Stuart just wouldn't settle down, he just kept saying "don't eat my candy, I want my lollipop." After convincing him mom and dad would not eat his candy while he slept (at least not the lollipops) he took a nap. The first thing he said when he woke up - "where's my candy?" As promised, we let him choose another lollipop. The challenge for the poor kid is that he can't sit still and lollipops require sitting still and not climbing all over the furniture - so he had a bit of an internal struggle - the yumminess of a lollipop or toys? He went back and forth for a while, then I cut him off, and we went back to pretending we were on a boat.

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