Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Team Foo Foo

S has a wonderful imagination - whether it's talking to his imaginary friend in the backseat and sharing his snack with "Baka" or "Maka" or whoever is back there with him, to staging football games, curling matches, and pretending we're toddlers at his school - the details are vivid and the fun can last for hours.

The biggest excitement lately has been playing football and now curling. He puts on his winter coat or his football pads as he calls them, his winter hat (aka his football helmet), grabs his recorder from Uncle Ira for his whistle and the game begins. It involves throwing a football running after it, calling for a tackle or "pile up" and now he'll even declare a first down for touchdown (after measuring of course). The other night he asked me, "do you want me to tell you what team I'm on."
Me: "Of course, what team are you on?"
S: "Umm, Team Foo Foo." (followed by hysterical laughter)

Curling is a bit trickier, but no less fun. Grab a few wooden blocks (curling rocks), a plastic spoon (curling broom) and you're set. I usually get to watch with one of his stuffed animals behind the glass (couch) until it's time for him to take a break and "the kids (i.e. me and a stuffed elephant)" get to go on the ice. Yesterday during curling I was reminded of how truly literal an almost 3 yr old can be. He said it was his turn to throw the rock, so he picks up a wooden block and hurls it across the room. Hmm, try explaining that we use the word throw in curling, but the rocks never come off the ice and it's more of a push down the ice rather than an actual throw. Another good reminder of how important language can be.

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