Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm Ernie, you're Bert....

and you're Cookie Monster. Hi Bert. Can you say Hi Ernie?

A typical conversation in our house initiated by S of course. It's really funny if you call him Abby Cadaby or Oscar "by mistake." In the car on the way to school he asked, "Bert, where's Cookie Monster [aka Dad]?" When I dropped him off at daycare he yelled through the window, "Bye Bert, have a good day at work Bert."

He also has developed his own version of a football game (wonder where he gets that gene?) - the couch is the bleachers and we have to sit and watch his game. His rules, "I'm going to throw the ball and then you clap and say Yeah Ernie." He throws the ball, we cheer Yeah Ernie and he runs after it, then we do it all over again.

For a kid who doesn't watch TV how does he know about Sesame Street, the Internet of course. He likes to watch "videos" - either YouTube or the Sesame Street website. He enjoys watching an orchestra play some classical music, a goofy middle aged man play the guitar and sing kids songs, or Sesame Street clips. He even has his own mouse - a mouse that I use with my laptop so it's not connected but he thinks it works and that he's finding the videos. Talk about generation differences, it's very 21st century.

It's actually a nice before bed activity, it calms him down and gives me a few minutes to clean up.

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