Thursday, October 22, 2009

Candy and Kisses

Yesterday we went to the bookmobile (our every other week ritual). This week however was different. There was candy (MN brand peppermint candies exactly). S asked for one and we said he could eat it after dinner. Dinner ended quickly to get to the candy quicker. As he shoved it in his mouth, and we kept insisting he not try and shove so much into his mouth, he proclaims,
"it's not all going into my belly." Most of his candy eating time was spent with his finger in his mouth trying to scrape the candy off the roof of his mouth.

We have been working on a lesson - when two people are talking you need to wait until they are finished before you can speak to them. This means not trying to talk over people or interrupt them to get their attention. Last night I was talking to Geoff and told S that I was talking to Daddy and he would need to wait a minute. His solution, he climbed onto Geoff's lap, gave him a big hug strategically placing his cheek over Geoff's mouth, then giving Geoff a big kiss on the lips, all to prevent him from talking. Where does he come up with these things?

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