Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A skirt? Really?

Yesterday was a big day, S was visiting the preschool classroom for the first time. No surprise, he loved it and spent most of the morning there. When I went to pick him here's what happened:

Me: Are you wearing a skirt buddy? Why are you wearing a skirt?
S: It's not a skirt momma it's a shirt.
Me: No, this is a skirt (pointing to the skirt), and this is your shirt (pointing to the shirt). [said with much enunciation]
S: Oh. Can I go outside with my friends for a few minutes?
Me: Sure
Teacher: I can tell you what happened. He was playing at preschool and his shorts got wet. They didn't have all his stuff so they grabbed these from the Center (aka the loaners) thinking they were shorts. They didn't realize until they put them on that it was a skirt. And then he didn't want to take them off. He was so proud because it was from preschool.
Me [to S]: It looks just great on you.

On the way out of school:
Parent 1: I heard what the teacher was telling you, that's a really funny story.
Another teacher: How was preschool S?
Me: Great, and he's coming home in a skirt. [I shared the story]
Teacher: [laughs] That's really funny.
Parent2: I was wondering why he was walking around in a skirt.

S trots right out of school as proud as can be to be making his transition into the preschool classroom! Look out preschool here we come!

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Liz said...

"It's not a skirt, it's a KILT!" It appears that he's simply getting ready for curling gear!