Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look out preschool.....

This has two meanings:

1. Many days on the way to school S proclaims with much enthusiasm: "Look out school, here we come!"

2. We got the yellow slip - the one that says S is moving up to preschool. A spot has opened up in the next classroom. Next week he will be visiting, and then on Sept. 21st he will be a preschooler - a younger preschooler mind you, but a preschooler none the less - and yes they have younger and older preschoolers. I think he's ready and will love it. A lot of his toddler friends will be in his class, not to mention a bigger and more challenging playground with huge slides, places to climb and jump, and more sophisticated art projects. The classroom also has a class pet, very exciting! And who knows maybe seeing more potty trained kids around will rub off :)

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