Thursday, August 13, 2009


For a while we didn't let S watch TV, then it got to the point where we figured a little TV was okay, but he showed no interest. He has always been too busy, always on the go, never wanting to sit still and watch. We even tried Sesame Street - nothing, after a few minutes when the real people showed up (as opposed to all the furry friends) he was done watching. Until last night. Geoff was flipping through the channels and found an orchestra playing on PBS, well S was enthralled. He even watched for a good 10-15 minutes until the music stopped, he was really into it, pointing out all the instruments. He even went to get his own guitar to play along "with the TV".

Unfortunately he wouldn't let me get any pictures, but it was priceless. He was playing with a big bowl and spoon when it came on TV. At this particular moment, the big orange bowl was on his head. So he proceeded to stare at the orchestra with a bowl on his head, until he noticed I was gone (trying to get the camera) - then the bowl came off. When the music stopped he clapped and cheered, though he wasn't convinced they were really done.

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