Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Potty training has begun

After we returned from our summer vacation we decided to focus more on potty training. S has been eagerly sitting on the potty for a while now and it seemed time to push the issue a bit more. How has it been going - well, we use pull ups now and he sits on the potty and urinates (yes he says urinate and BM, likely a consequence of having him in a University daycare), but his pulls are usually still wet. He has a potty chart with stickers and at school he gets to go to the bathroom with the toileters (the other kids who use the potty and who are hopefully serving as good role models and providing a bit of positive peer pressure). The only problem so far is that I think he's dreaming of potty training. The other morning at 5:30am he wakes up yelling, "come quick mama, I have to urinate." So I took him to the potty and he urinated. I then explained it was the middle of the night and he had to go back to bed, so he did. The next night at 3:30am he wakes up and yells "hurry mama I have to urinate." I said to my sleeping husband, really, at 3:30am he feels the need to go, turn to get out of bed and realize he didn't say anything after that. He must have gone back to sleep. Hopefully this is a good sign and the potty training is being embedded in his brain. Either that or he takes after me and talks in his sleep!

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