Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keep it in perspective

A lesson learned from Stuart last night. We were preparing for our nightly ritual of reading in the rocking chair before bed and he was being his usual silly self - he was covering his head with his blanket.
Me: Do you want me to read a book?
S: Yes.
Me: Then you need to uncover your head.
S: Why?
Me: Because I'm not reading to a blanket [said in a very serious, but not angry or frustrusted, tone. Just the usual feeling of always being a rush and needing to get one thing done to move on to the next.]
S: Hysterical laughing, when he came up for air: why aren't you reading to a blanket mama?
Me & S: Hysterical laughing

Nothing like a child and a good laugh to keep the world in perspective. Another five minutes of cuddling in the chair is way more important than rushing out to the grocery store (which was next on my to do list) which is open 24 hours. Note to self: slow down, don't always be in such a rush, the less important things can wait!

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irad said...

good to catch up on what he is doing, and what to expect...