Monday, May 11, 2009

We officially have ourselves.....

a bike rider (a tricycle rider to be more specific). After many hours of practice Stuart has finally taken off, he can peddle all the way down the street by himself, while steering (i.e. not running into a tree or a neighbors yard), and he can even get over the bumps in the sidewalk. The unintended consquence is that now we need to run to keep up:)

And he also has a "pony". In the bathtub the other day I was doing funny things with his hair and gave him a pony tail using bubbles, well he decided he wanted to keep it in, he even asked if he could sleep in it. Days later he is still telling everyone he has a pony and that mama put it in.

1 comment:

Cairoyogi said...

I like this new sense of style! Just as long as he doesn't turn into one of those guys with the mullet/pony tail combo...that would be bad.