Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I turned them off

One way we get Stuart to listen - or at least stop what he's doing and pay attention to what we're telling him - is to tell him to turn his listening ears on. And he literally acts like he's turning them on, and of course we make a big deal out of it and he's doing a great job being a good listener, etc. etc. Well the other day I told him to turn his listening ears on, and he did. Then he looks at me, smiles, and says "I'm turning them off now." It took all I had not to laugh and thereby guarantee he would do it again. What a wonderfully sassy little two year old he is - sometimes we wonder if he's just too smart for his own good.

Another example - after eating dinner, I usually say go right into the bathroom to wash your hands and face, don't touch anything. Well the other day he was running his hand along the couch, and I reminded him not to touch anything, he explained that he was just touching it with his knuckles not his hand. I then explained that after eating dinner, your whole hands are dirty, including your knuckles. So now after dinner on our way to the bathroom to clean up, he says, "my knuckles are dirty too, why?"

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