Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Having gestational diabetes is not something I would normally post about, but why not.
Pregnancy #2, GD take 2, the only difference this time around is that I have a curious 4-year old asking tons of questions and wanting to watch everytime I check my blood sugar.

Here's his take on what's happening:

I picked S up at school the other day and he showed me a pipe cleaner he had to bring home to "test my blood sugar." He then demonstrated by using the tip of the pipe cleaner to poke his finger and explained it was a little sharp but not too sharp to give him just a little stick.

He then went on to explain what his blood sugar test was for - which he said is different then mine, his test tells him how much sugar to have. The diagnosis:

"It says I need one cookie a day, one chocolate chip muffin a day, and one all chocolatey muffin a day. That's how much sugar I need." [wish my test worked liked that]

He continues to watch me test, and use his pipe cleaner to test along with me. Tonight after dinner, our blood sugar was exactly the same with our different testing methods.

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Liz said...

Hilarious. And so great that he's so interested... I can't wait to hear more stories like this after his little brother is born!