Monday, September 13, 2010

What if....

Although we haven't moved beyond the "why?" stage we have also been in the "what if" stage - no one told me about this one.

This means we hear things like:

--What if you were walking down the street and you saw a shark and Batman walking down the street too?
--What if your ears were on your belly? How could you hear if your ears were covered with your shirt?
--What if your feet were on your head, you'd have to walk on your head.
--What if we went to Como Town and they said we had a million points to ride the bumper cars? [his favorite activity, he would ride the bumper cars all day if we let him]

And sometimes it's followed up with - "could you imagine that?!"

S informed me yesterday that our minds don't work the same - and I wholeheartedly agreed, explaining we're all unique there's no other S out there in the world and that's what makes us all special, and it's okay (even good) to have a different take on the world.
That's one of the great things about all the questions he comes up with - it gives me a new perspective on the world and forces me to think about small things in different ways. Although not a why or what if question, we also get a lot of questions about what words mean - what does sneaky mean or failed, try being a child's dictionary for a few hours to really clarify your own thinking and biases....

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