Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pig Pig

S has taken to snorting, and of course thinks it's hysterical. We have been trying to discourage him. Yesterday I explained that it's not a very nice noise and other people don't want to have to listen to it. The conversation ended up with, "if I'm alone in my room can I snort."
Me: Yes
Flash forward a couple of hours. S is attempting to get out of taking his nap. I tell him that he can choose not to sleep but he needs to rest quietly in his bed - he can look at books, sing to himself, whatever he wants, he just needs to rest [and stop screaming for us]. As I'm walking out of his room he says, "can I snort?"
Me: Yes
S: Lots of giggling, then "okay."
A couple minutes later we hear him start snorting then hysterical laughing. This doesn't last long. Five minutes later same thing, snort, snort, snort, laughing, snort, snort.
Good thing he couldn't see us because we were laughing hysterically also as S put himself to sleep by snorting like a pig.

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Liz said...

whatever it takes, huh? :)