Thursday, June 10, 2010

When I'm 16....

I know I'm the worst blogger ever, but that isn't going to stop me from a few more posts.

Here's the conversation S and I had in the car yesterday:

S: Why am I too young to drive?
It's the law, you have to be 16 to drive.
S: When will I be 16?
In 13 years, how old are you now?
S: 3
13 plus 3 equals 16.
S: What else can I do when I'm 16?
[Note: it feels like we've been talking a lot lately about what you can do when you're older so I'm trying to make all the things he can do now sound cool and all the things he can do later sound less interesting.]
Go to high school. Cross the street without holding a hand.
S: Maybe walk away from the house by myself without a grownup.
S: Chew gum while I'm walking around [since the Grand Old Day parade where he received lots of gum he's been fascinated so we gave him piece to try, two chews and he was done but was very proud, but it came with rules like you need to be sitting down and with a grown up]
Umm, stay up late and sleep late. Play football.
S: (Lots of giggling with excitement, just anticipating all the fun things he can do.) What else?

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Liz said...

For Zach the magic age is 6. I suspect that has something to do with Sydney!

I do believe I'm going to borrow your gum-chewing rules when we can no longer put off the inevitable. Thanks!