Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shorts and short sleeves

It was scheduled to go up to 80 today (yes in MN) so I decided to dress Stuart in shorts for the first time in a while. He was pretty excited, but a bit confused. He was in his carseat this morning and I looked back and he was tugging on the bottom of his shorts, then he said, "pull my pants down." Yes he thought either I had put short pants on him or his pants had gotten pulled up in his carseat. I then explained that they were shorts and they were supposed to be um, short, and that we wear shorts to let our legs get some fresh air - he liked that explanation and proceeded to repeat that his legs were getting some air. He does the same thing with short sleeve shirts too. He'll wash his hands and say, pull my sleeves down, then laugh and say "I'm wearing short sleeves." This just serves as evidence that winters are too long around here - he forgets what shorts and short sleeves are - but that he is also a creature of habit, when we wash our hands we push our sleeves up and then pull them back down, even if we're wearing short sleeves :)

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