Friday, September 19, 2008

Direct quotes

  • When sitting on the toilet he said, "Poop!!" - urinated on toilet. SO proud of himself. Outside did a lot of running - liked when we would say "Ready...Go!!" [just like dad does] Also asked to be next a lot today "neh, neh". [his horse impression sounds remarkably similar to next]
  • Stuart marched and danced like the wind-up toys.
  • Stuart comments on everything - lots of words!

One very important lesson we're learning, Stuart imitates things. I know, it's no surprise really, but we need to be careful about what we say. Most of the time it's just really silly though. More to come on this....

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Cairoyogi said...

Uncle Why-Wah and Aunt Jenna are very impressed with Sturat's vocabulary! And the animal sounds are just plain old entertaining. Between that and the poop talk maybe you have a zoologist on your hands???